Who are you?

September 30, 2019



I have walked down some bad paths in life. Sometimes they were my own choosing and sometimes they were not. But either way I came out on the other side stronger. 


You learn who you are in those dark times. 


Your character is shaped. 


Trials can shape you for the better or the worst. 


When you realize which one, you can be sad for a while. But don't stay that way. 


Come out on the other side of it and don't let it stay with you. 


It can eat you alive if you let it but instead move away from it and attract the beauty of the world around you. 


Its not always easy to see it. 


Its not always easy to get to the other side. 


But just know the other side is there and sometimes you have to have faith that it is waiting for you. 


Know who you are.


Know what you are capable of. 


One thing i know that I have is faith. 


i didn't let the pain of what was going on around me make me forget there was another side.


That there would an end to that painful chapter. 


I couldn't always see it... but i knew it was there. 


Don't ever forget that its there. 


The beauty and wonder of the universe is always there ready to bring the next thing into your life.


Become a magnet for the next thing! 


Learn from your mistakes and challenge yourself to be better when the next trial comes. 





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