The only way out is through...

March 13, 2019

No one wants to go through hard situations. Most people want to walk away, but sometimes the only way out of a situation is to walk through it and face it head on.


You can try and deny what is happening around you and cower at the thought of facing your circumstances or you can do something about it. 


You don't have to be powerless against your circumstances. You may feel lost and maybe even helpless against the battle your are facing but you can find the strength within you to overcome anything. 


I have had to face some things recently that I didn't want to. I put them off as long as I could but then I realized I couldn't live like that anymore because that isn't living. That is hiding from the truth and the obstacles that are clearly in front of me. I decided to stop running and go through my battle.


We never want to face our weaknesses or what is unknown to us because it scary and hard. But sometimes you have to walk through the darkness to find the light on the other side. 


Sacrifice and pain is necessary for greatness to be achieved.


Don't hide  anymore but face your demons head on and you might surprise yourself. 






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