Maggie Montgomery has to overcome the pain that an abusive relationship has left her with. She strives to find a life of her own, while keeping the lives her two children balanced. She enters the dating world with very little experience. She learns that it is a lot harder to connect with another man than she thought it would be. Maggie finds herself at a crossroads. She has to choose whether to fight for a love she has looked for her whole life or walk away.

Kenny Joseph is a loner, who has always been content with very little human connection. An unexpected surprise comes into his life which opens his heart in a way he never thought possible. His path crosses with a woman who could change everything for him. Kenny has to make a choice between being alone or with the one person who makes him feel alive.  


Detective Merry Daniels has dedicated her life to the Special Victims Unit of the Chicago PD after being violated as a teenage girl. She has been committed to helping others find their predators because she was never able to find her own.

After twenty years of living a life alone devoted to her work, Merry finds herself face to face with a man she has a hard time resisting. When she finally opens her heart up, her past comes back to haunt her. Merry must find a way to defeat the demon that has followed her around every day since she was fifteen years old.   


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